José María Mellado, INSTANTES DE LUZ. From June 19 to July 19 Aurora Vigil-Escalera Gallery


Individual exhibition by José María Mellado, curated by Esther Maestre, director of the Photographic Encounters of Gijón and photographic advisor of the gallery.
José María Mellado is one of the main exponents of photography in Spain for his artistic and didactic facet, internationally recognized for his characteristic landscapes that manage to transport the viewer to the place of the shot with the greatest possible complexity and fidelity. Mellado has investigated in depth the technical possibilities of capture, treatment and copying. His artistic work is collected in six books of work: “The Silence and the Light”, “Iceland”, “Landscape. The Eternal Return”, “From Heaven to Earth”, “CLOSER” AND “Cuba. On the other side of the mirror.”

His work has been awarded more than a hundred times and his works appear in important collections and museums, highlighting the Reina Sofía National Museum (MNCARS), Borusan Contemporary de Estambúl, Chazen Museum of Art (Wisconsin – USA), Contemporary Art Collection of the Community of Madrid, Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art, the State Society for International Exhibitions , Museum of Cáceres, Government of Cantabria, Assembly of Extremadura, Artium (Basque Museum of Contemporary Art), Coca Cola Foundation, UNED Foundation, TEA, Museum of Fine Arts of Santander, etc.

He has regularly participated in the most important international art fairs such as ArtBasel, Art Brussels, Art Cologne, Art Karlsruhe, Photo Miami, Pulse, SCOPE, ArteLisboa or ARCO, being represented by galleries in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Panama and Peru.


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