“Bajo el mismo cielo”

José María Mellado in the most recent edition of the Havana Biennial.

The 14th edition of the Havana Biennial, welcomed as one of its invited projects the proposal “Under the same sky” by José María Mellado. The installation consisted of mounting two large-scale photographs in one of the buildings on the Havana coast; two 10 x 15m photographs located in the park located in Belascoaín between Malecón and San Lázaro.

“Zen I” (2007, Iceland) and “Mirando el lago” (2019, Guatemala) are incorporated into the daily life of the city by being part of the visuality of a city where two different scenarios are combined in the same place. Two landscapes camouflaged with life, walking and the dynamics of a city always on the move.

As part of the closing activities of the Havana Biennial, on April 24, 2022, a vernissage was held at the location of the pieces with the presence of the photographer who was accompanied by a sound performance by Cuban musicians Yoyi Lagarza and Oliver Valdes.

José María Mellado thanks the Havana Biennial for the invitation to participate in the most recent edition of this significant event with his project “Bajo el mismo cielo”, whose realization was possible thanks to the collaboration and commitment of all the people who they got involved in it.

To the Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Spain in Cuba, and its Cultural Counselor, Laura López, as well as the entire team of the Havana Biennial, its director Nelson Ramírez de Arellano, its deputy director Lisset Alonso Compte, the curator Yanet Oviedo.

In addition to the musicians Yoyi Lagarza and Oliver Valdés, Claudia Lobaina and Arian Írsula.

Jose Maria Mellado’s installation lost as part of that imaginary of which it is already a part. A piece to discover when walking through Havana.