‘CLOSER’ new exhibition in Spain

José María Mellado has opened last October 26th at the Andalusian Centre of Photography his new exhibition ‘C L O S E R’, a project he is being working on for the last few years and where, not forgetting the base of his most well known images –those of Landscape- he does a daring interpretation of it, exploring his most intimate -and closer- profile.
The exhibition will be travelling to Granada next January 2016 and will follow to other Spanish provinces.




This abstraction about landscape has led Mellado to reflect honestly on the origin of what urges him to photograph unusual, strange and spectacular places where he pursues the punctum, the hidden soul, the atmosphere that interprets a work giving it a clearlydefined, internationally renowned character.
Today, after reviewing his motivations, he finds a close, minimalist and intimate approach in his inner condition and in the landscape itself that surrounds his work. From the general to the specific vision to achieve the photographed object in the less is more concept he is seeking.
As a good photographer, he has found in the vast solitude of the landscape the grandeur of simplicity’s poetry, with both the nudity of the body in an intimate space and that of the soul in an open setting he encloses, in order to find the reason of his search. And, most probably with no immediate answer, his work still is a work in progress that prompts us to keep searching in the next landscapes proposed by the artist.
C L O S E R starts its touring in Almería and will be later exhibited in different venues over the country.

Pablo Juliá
Director of the Andalusian Centre of Photography



Interview on the TV show “Al Sur” of Radio Television of Andalusia, issued on January 13, 2016






CLOSER Almería

Production & mounting

This exhibition has 46 pieces from 150×100 to 225×150 cm. They have been produced using an Arizona printer with weatherproof inks thanks to Canon support. The result is long lasting prints that allow to be exhibited without protection, thus avoiding unwanted reflections



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