The photographic work of José María Mellado in the retrospective exhibition ‘Sala de Arte El Brocense, 1980-2020’.

Important art collections inside and outside Spain treasure, today, the photographic work of José María Mellado. The relevance of his artistic career, accompanied by his constant work in relation to photographic technique, have brought him significant recognitions within which he figures, precisely, to be part of notable artistic reservoirs together with creators of different generations.

Since last September 17, the Art Room El Brocense in the city of Cáceres, on the purpose of celebrating its 40th anniversary, has inaugurated a retrospective exhibition that takes a tour of the trajectory of the space, within which the work of José María Mellado is included. In its room it houses pieces by a select group of artists who during all these years have exhibited at its headquarters and later have gone on to form the valuable collection of contemporary art that they currently treasure.

The photograph “Arqueología industrial II” (2002) by José María Mellado, belonging to the V Prize for Plastic Arts Sala El Brocense in 2002, is precisely one of the works that appears in this exhibition. The piece is part of an important creative stage of this photographer, where the lens of his camera found in the landscape a leitmotiv from which to explore the passage of time and the human footprint; fragments of reality that do not cease to excite and that Mellado has managed to capture unequivocally.

Organized by the Provincial Council of Cáceres, the exhibition ‘Sala de Arte El Brocense, 1980-2020’, exhibits 40 works that make up the funds of the institution itself. In the words of the organizers, it constitutes “a review of the recent history of Spanish contemporary art and a recognition and heartfelt tribute to all those men and women who have passed through this Room.” From these creations a conceptual and visual discourse has been woven that starts from different languages, formats and styles and that go through a selection of authors where they appear: Emilio Gañán, Chus García Fraile, Hilario Bravo, Verónica Bueno, Luis Canelo, Carmen Cantabella, Beatriz Castela, Encarna Cortés, Paloma de la Cruz, Esperanza d’Ors, Florentinio Díaz,  Manuel Antonio Domínguez, Teresa Esteban, Pedro Gamonal, Jorge Gil, Julian Gómez, Mª José González Alonso, Belén González, Arancha Goyeneche, Jaime de Jaraiz, Victoriano Martín Terrón, Laura Medina Kiko Miyarés, Pilar Molinos, Ruth Morán, Isabel Muñoz, Lourdes Murillo, Juan José Narbón terrón, Carmen Pastrana, Arsenio Pérez, Luis Rosado, Javier Roz, María Ruíz Campins, María de Sande, Andrés Talavero,  Pedro Valhondo, Mª Jesús Velasco, Manuel Vilches and José María Mellado.

We invite you to visit the exhibition that will open its doors until October 16 in the El Brocense art room in Cáceres from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


El Brocense Art Room, 1980-2020. Special exhibition 40TH ANNIVERSARY


La sala de arte El Brocense de Cáceres celebra su 40 aniversario con una exposición retrospectiva de su trayectoria

La Sala ‘El Brocense’ celebra sus 40 años con una exposición retrospectiva

La sala de arte El Brocense cumple 40 años

La Sala El Brocense de Cáceres celebra su 40 aniversario con una exposición retrospectiva

La Diputación de Cáceres celebra el 40 aniversario de su sala de arte con la exposición “Sala de Arte El Brocense, 1980-2020”

Exposición Sala de Arte El Brocense 1980 – 2020