“Imágenes que piensan III”, a photographic exhibition of the Bragales Collection.

From July 2 to August 1, 2021, José María Mellado (Almería, 1966) participates in the group exhibition “Imágenes que piensa III” that takes place at the Centro Nacional de Fotografía de Torrelavega (CNFoto).
His piece “Castillo Urbano (Cardiff, 2004)”, belonging to the Los Bragales Collection, is part of this exhibition that seeks to put on stage a significant part of its national and international photographic heritage that had not been exhibited previously. An enigmatic image of Mellado where architecture takes center stage in the composition, plays to dislodge us before what seems a utopian landscape, at times unreal that displaces the human being in a gloomy and lonely environment.

The collection, owned by Jaime Sordo from Santander, has toured several Spanish cities and arrives, this time, at the National Center of Photography of Torrelavega to show a selection of pieces that are valid for an important photographic tradition, through essential names within the contemporary visual panorama.

Curated by Alberto Pérez Castaño, the exhibition is made up of 38 photographs of 29 national and international creators within which we can find Helena Almeida, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Per Barclay, Botto & Bruno, Regina José Galindo, Rebecca Horn, Erwin Oalf, Joao Onofre, Miguel Río Branco, Georges Rousse, Margot Sowinska, Sascha Weidner, José Ramón Ais, Daniel Canogar , Maxi del Campo, Naia del Castillo, José María Díaz-Maroto, Susy Gómez, José Guerrero, Ángel Marcos, Alicia Martín, José María Mellado, Antoni Muntadas, Oceans21k, Perejaume, Alberto Ros Días, Santiago A. Sagredo and Mayte Vieta.

Giving continuity to the work that to this day has been carried out by the Los Bragales Collection to socialize and exhibit the exceptional quality of the pieces it treasures, the exhibition “Images that think III” adds a new guideline to its immeasurable journey of which the author José María Mellado is also part with his photograph “Castillo Urbano (Cardiff) , 2004)” – image that also integrates the collections of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía)-.


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