INTERVIEW WITH JOSÉ MARÍA MELLADO. The new dimension of photography

Getting to know José María Mellado in a more  personal way, discovering the human being behind the camera, and beyond the artist becomes one of the guiding threads of the interview that Vicente  Dolz has made him. As he expresses at the beginning “to know the Mellado of yesterday and tomorrow.”

From a travel companion and student of his masterclasses,  this time he goes to the role of interviewer, to take a tour of Mellado’s recent work until his beginnings, his influences, his passion for photography, his academic work and interest in socializing the  photographic technique as well as his projects for next year.

Undoubtedly a unique encounter that allows us to make a journey, through an impeccable selection of images already iconic by the production of José María Mellado, to which the interviewer returns us in this appointment. An interview full of reflections and thoughts that have supported the work of this creator today and that we share with you, as well as those good news that will lead him next year to participate in important exhibitions and national and international events.

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