José María Mellado exhibits in “Galería de Espejos. 21 miradas andaluzas”.

Until june 6, 2021 will be exhibited at the Andalusian Center of Photography (CAF) in Almeria, the exhibition “Gallery of Mirrors. 21 miradas andaluzas”, curated by Juan Manuel Bonet. One of the participating artists is, precisely, José María Mellado who shares the stage, this time, with important creators such as Fran Bascuñana, Laura Brinkmann, Pablo Castilla, María Clauss, Manolo Espaliú, Héctor Garrido, Lola Guerrera, José Guerrero, Claudia Ihrek, Juan del Junco, Camino Laguillo, Aitor Lara, Pablo López, Mar Martín, Antonia Moreno, José Muñoz Manuel Muñoz , Erika Pardo Skoug, Virginaia Rota and Elo Vázquez.

Taking as a starting point the title of a book by writer Rafael Lasso de la Vega, “Galería de Espejos. 21 miradas andaluzas”, is proposed as a contemporary visual journey on Andalusian photography. In this way, the pieces by José María Mellado that are part of the exhibition respond to a curatorial discourse that focuses on mirrors, landscape and memory from an introspective perspective.

Mellado’s photography is linked in a visual and conceptual way with the exhibition from the presentation of three images whose reading leads us to connect with that dreamlike and romantic component that underlies his creative production. Evocative, enigmatic landscapes of extreme subtlety and compositionally exquisite is what we find in the author’s pieces. And it is that his images make us go through a world of fabulations that appeal above all to our life experience where his images are the starting point to make our mind transcend to another plane of reality.

Three photographs that do not leave us indifferent and that lead us all the time to rethink the relationship we establish with our environment, with our reality. Images that play with temporality, that dislodish our sense of the here and now to displace our senses to an emotional and evocative plane, which José María Mellado has not been able to define better when he expresses “man does not remain but the landscape does”.

We share the interview that about the exhibition “Gallery of Mirrors. 21 miradas andaluzas” has been made to the photographer José María Mellado; an opportunity to know from the hands of the artist some of the interiorities of the pieces that make up this exhibition, open to the public until next June 6, 2021 at the Andalusian Center of Photography (CAF) in Almeria.

Galería de espejos. 21 miradas andaluzas. Interview with José María Mellado

We also leave you with the guided tour at the hands of the curator of the exhibition Juan Manuel Bonet

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