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Art Cologne and Art Karlsruhe 2014

José María Mellado has been present in two of the most significant art events organized in Europe during 2014: Art Karlsruhe (Germany) and Art Cologne (Cologne), in both cases in stretch collaboration with the Boisserée Gallery. These two annual art fairs bring together highlights of the international contemporary art professionals. Mellado has presented his works […]

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Most Beautiful Land. Cuba

The ‘Casa de América’ of Madrid hosts the exhibition ‘Most beautiful land. Cuba’, on the occasion of PhotoEspaña Festival 2012. This collection reflects 11 photographer’s points of view about unusual and mysterious Cuba with 66 images. José María Mellado contributes with his enigmatic landscapes and intimate way of getting closer to its citizens. In parallel, […]

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Landscape. The Eternal Return

The Metrópli Foundation of Alcobendas (Madrid) welcomed José María Mellado’s exhibition named ‘Landscape. The Eternal Return’. This art collection, opened from September 17th – November 15th 2009-  reflects the mirage between landscape and architecture. More information here. (Spanish)  

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Nature over time

      On the occasion of Mellado’s exhibitions in Full Art Gallery and Espacio Iniciarte, the newspaper Diario de Sevilla published the art critic ‘Nature over time’.   Read full report here (Spanish).  

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Ice rum flavour

  The online newspaper published the report ‘Ice rum flavour’, on the occasion of Mellado’s exhibition in Blanca Berlín Gallery in Madrid, Read full article here (Spanish).    

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